PraxyCabinet: The practice management software built on medical language AI

Enriched patient files

Rich patient files (consultations, vaccination records, care plan, CRO, addition of photo or video documents by QR Code, etc.) and powered by AI on all types of variables with recommendations by medical specialty.

Real-time transcription and consultations summarized by AI

Your consultations are transcribed in real time and the summary is automatically generated in 30 seconds, as well as your structured data and documents

Secure MS health powered by AI

Communicate in a few clicks and securely with healthcare professionals. Documents are classified automatically thanks to our AI

SESAM-Vitale 100% web invoicing

In partnership with Stellair, the most digital and advanced Sesame-Vitale billing solution on the market. The solutions are integrated into SSO, no need to reconnect

Prescription assistance software

In partnership with Posos, the most digital and advanced prescription support solution on the market: automatic prescription transcription, drug search, risk analysis, etc.

Extracting structured data for research

Structured data for your specialty or tailor-made are extracted from consultations and automatically feed patient files and your research activities.

Patient involvement

Questionnaires adapted to each patient and your specialty and connected to your research activities

Structured data from questionnaires are automatically integrated into the patient file


Optional DM level 1 patient chatbot for administrative processes

Agenda & Waiting Rooms

Multi-practitioner management, possible import of the Doctolib calendar via our plugin

Measuring your waiting and consultation time performance

Your consultations summarized by the Praxy AI

PraxyCabinet listens to and transcribes your consultations, the report and documents are automatically generated and sent to the DMP after proofreading

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Prescription assistance with Posos

PraxyCabinet integrates the POSOS solution into its prescription screens, which notably allows 

- Intelligent order transcription from photos

- Personalized prescription recommendations

- Proposal of therapeutic alternatives

- Calculation of dose equivalence

- Risk analysis according to patient profile

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Automatically generate your
medical documents

PraxyCabinet allows you to create an infinite number of document templates, these are then automatically generated and added to the patient file at the end of the consultation thanks to our medical language AI.

For a specialist doctor this represents 15% to 25% time savings per consultation (3 to 5 minutes over a 20 minute consultation)


A 100% web SESAM-Vitale billing service

Stellair Integral is multiplatform (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone) thanks to  a range of innovative readers  and  innovative technology  unique on the market.


Patient pre-admission chatbot

as an option, a chatbot connected to your LGC can pre-admit patients (in the waiting room or remotely)


Shared calendars

Praycabinet is suitable for liberals, health homes, institutes with calendar sharing functions, definition of available slots

An import of the Doctolib calendar is possible via our chrome plugin


Rich, AI-powered patient records

A widget system allows you to personalize your dashboard, including structured data that can be extracted by our AI. 

A QR code accessible on the patient file and consultations allows you to add a document to the file at any time

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Personalized questionnaires feeding into the patient file

Build your questionnaires (pre-admission, follow-up, rehabilitation, etc.) and schedule their automatic sending. The results automatically complete the patient file and can generate alerts


MS Health empowered by AI

Your Mailiz or other secure messaging account is connected to your PraxyCabinet software. 

Our latest generation AI not only classifies documents but also extracts structured data useful to your specialty to update the patient file and generate alerts/reminders

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Monthly subscriptions including tax without obligation, you can cancel at any time

1st month free during data migration from your old LGC

Sponsorship program 2 months for you and 2 months offered for your colleague


  • Monthly subscription 105€ incl. VAT / month​

  • Recovery of data from your old LGC €300​

  • Annual subscription 90€ including tax / month x 12

  • Patient questionnaires and data visualization 29€ including tax / month

Stellair Intégral (SESAM-Vitale)

  • Unlimited monthly subscription 35€ including tax / month

  • Monthly subscription up to 200 FSE / month 19€ incl. VAT / month​

  • Neo card reader 19€ including tax / month

Posos prescription assistance software

  • Monthly subscription 29€ including tax / month